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In Washington D.C. – the capital of the United States – the possession and use of medical cannabis is legal for those who receive a recommendation from a physician. Patients can purchase their cannabis from a licensed dispensary, although they can only purchase and possess up to two ounces in a given month. However, that may soon change as the district’s mayor will soon introduce a proposal that would double this limit.

According to Aaron C. Davis, a reporter for the Washington Post, Mayor Bowser “will propose doubling to 4 ounces how much weed medical marijuana patients can buy a month.” We called Mayor Bowser’s office and are able to confirm that such a proposal will soon be introduced, though they were quiet on further details such as a timeline for introduction.

In D.C. medical cannabis legalization was approved by voters in 1998, just two years after the first state (California) legalized the medicine. However, the law wasn’y implemented, and the first dispensary didn’t open, until 2013 due to Congress continually blocking it. Now, however, the system is up and running smoothly, though many patients and patient advocates do consider many portions of the law to be too restrict, including the two ounce limit.

In addition to medical cannabis being legal in D.C., the possession and personal cultivation of recreational cannabis is also legal for everyone 21 and older, thanks to an initiative approved by voters in 2014.