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Near Elma, Wash. – A Grays Harbor County community, starved for jobs, is opening some of its publicly-owned space to a pot grower.

The struggle for economic survival is now changing attitudes toward the cannabis industry.

A big warehouse near Elma, that has struggled economically for a long time, will soon be filled with pot plants, which means more jobs.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had something like that with new jobs coming in,” said Port of Grays Harbor Business Development Manager Alissa Shay.

They’re hopeful an economic boost will be generated by a state of the art marijuana grow facility that promises as many as 70 jobs at the Satsop Business Park, owned by the Port of Grays Harbor.

Port commissioners reversed their anti-cannabis policy, allowing a large private company to lease the 50,000 square foot space.

“It’s going to mean there’s someone interested in investing in Grays Harbor, that they see promise here,” said Shay.

Shay said Fuller Hill Development Company is the biggest recreational marijuana grower in the state. They company opened a similar facility in Thurston County two years ago that will employs nearly 170 people.
That’s precisely what Elma residents hope will happen in their town.

“Our area needs jobs and its empty space up there,” said Image Flowers and Fine Chocolates shop employee Michelle Schmidt.

Schmidt said sales at the shop never recovered from the recession, but she feels lucky to still have a job. She said she’ll advise her 21-year-old daughter to apply at the new grow operation.

“She wants a job, to go back to work and it’s hard to find a job around here,” said Schmidt.
But, economic hardship is not enough to sway some other parents.

“I’m not really for it,” said Mandy McCracken. “Being a parent, you know, I can’t say that I’m really for it.”
Business park managers said their’s is an ideal location with plenty of electricity and water. It’s also far enough away from neighborhoods.

The pot growing warehouse will begin operations in 2017.


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