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Recently, I became one of a select, lucky few to get my hands on the new Utillian 720 vaporizer. This solid, box vaporizer has been attached to my person every since it arrived in the mail. The portability and ease of use is matched by the large container for holding your concentrates and dry herbs. It’s subtle yet powerful – and a perfect companion for any regular smoker.

However, like any product, it is not without room or improvement. Below I’ve listed out our pros and cons for testing out the Utillian 720 at The Weed Blog.


Portability & Design

Not only does the Utillian 720 fit nicely in your pocket/purse/bag, because of it’s sleek black design, it’s hard for anyone to tell that it’s an actual vaporizers on first glance. The mouth-piece is designed to rotate out from the vape when ready to use. So, the vape forms a perfect box shape when being stored away

Although the overall size is small, the Utillian 720 has a sturdy feel to the piece. It’s weighted very nicely, to give the feeling that the vape made with machinery that is very high quality.

The shell of the unit is made of anodized aluminum with a rubberized finish, and the power button is responsive and LED temperature indicator at the top of the unit is nice and bright.

A big benefit for the Utillian 720 is the aluminum outer shell. Give the vape a professional feel, and eases my worries about dropping and breaking the piece – as most plastic vapes would do.

Vapor Quality

The Utillian 720 employs the use of convection heating, and has a rather large area to fit plenty of herb/oil to provide a long-lasting session. Making this the perfect combo vape for personal trips, or sharing with some friends.

Because of the convection heating, there is little resistance when pulling from the piece. The vapor is extremely smooth and always flavorful. I took this piece with me into a large amusement park (where marijuana is still illegal), and would subtly hit this piece while waiting in the line for the next ride. Even though the pulls were packed with flavor, very few people in line noticed because of the subtly of vapor.

Ease of Use

My typical problem with vaporizers is the vagueness companies have to put in the directions. Thankfully, the Utillian 720 is about as easy to use as any other vape I’ve seen. The top has a magnetic strip that locks the mouthpiece place, and is very sturdy when locked. Took me less than 2 minutes to get the piece out of the box, and start vaping!


Battery Life

While using the vape over the past few weeks, it became a full-time job to keep it sufficiently charged. There is very little indication on the piece of how much battery power is left, or even when the vape has been fully charged.

Since it is so easy to take with you everywhere, the battery life is always stretched to its limits. I would recommend dedicating a charger to have the Utillian 720 plugged into at all times when you’re not using it around the house.

Overall, the Utillian 720 is definitely worth the investment. Especially for those living in states yet to legalize cannabis use. The discreetness, quality, and power will definitely have you keeping the vape by your side whenever you’re out and about on the town!

To purchase your own Utillian 720, visit the website here