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By Forchion, Ed The Trentonian, 29 Feb 2016 – As we all know, Gov. Christie is back. No more gallivanting around the country with delusions of the presidency. He’s back in time for Bridget Anne Kelly’s Bridgegate trial (this April); he’s back to get an ear full from the teachers’ union, to deal with the pension system, and every Thursday he will once again be confronted by medical marijuana activists who for two years have staged a weekly vigil in front of the State House in support of medical marijuana. Jennie Storms, Jim Miller, Lefty Grimes, Ken Wolski, and dozens of others, myself included, made marijuana a constant issue for Christie. His arrogant responses led to him being nationally known as the anti-weed guy, the prohibitionist. He seemed to never get it – that he was “The Naked Emperor” of weed. It appears he’s oblivious that his “Politics of Pot” is 30 years out of step, more in line with Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign — thus, the online pothead “Just Say No To Christie” campaign.

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