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Westword, 22 Oct 2015 – Dear Stoner: I’ve heard about indica and sativa, but the words “cannabis ruderalis” were in an article, and I’d never heard of that before. Is there another type of pot out there? Wes Dear Wes: Maybe and maybe not. I’m much more of a stoner than a scientist, but the subject of ruderalis is an interesting one, to say the least. Cannabis ruderalis is much like the Pluto of the cannabis family. Some scientists and pot experts believe that because of its different growing cycle and physical properties, it is indeed its own species of cannabis. However, the majority of scientists believe that C. ruderalis is a form of C. indica that adapted to the cold weather and lack of sunlight in its originating lands of Eastern/Northern Europe and Northern Asia, and a 2005 study on diversity in cannabis genetics supports that theory. But that doesn’t make it any less distinctive.