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Pubdate: Thu, 11 Aug 2016
Source: Westword (Denver, CO)
Column: Ask a Stoner
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Author: Herbert Fuego


Dear Stoner: I saw your profile on Durban Poison and the pure effects of landrace strains.  Are there any others to look out for? I like to know what to expect when I smoke.


Dear Taylor: Landrace strains like Durban Poison come from pure genetics, but they don’t have pure effects.  That means that while Durban Poison is a pure sativa ( if the genetics are legitimate ), not everyone feels the same type of high after ingesting it – though the highs are generally similar.  But that’s how it works for all strains.

Landraces are still good if you’re looking for consistency, but not all indicas and sativas should be treated the same.  Durban Poison and Maui Wowie are both sativas, but Durban creates a mind-racing jolt of energy after smoking, while Maui Wowie leaves more of a blissful uplift.  Acapulco Gold, Hawaiian, Panama Red and Thai are all examples of landrace sativas – but their effects vary.

As for indicas, Afghan and Hindu Kush are famous landrace strains that you shouldn’t have trouble finding around town.  Afghan is known for the heavy couch-lock high so many newbs associate with marijuana, while Hindu’s relaxing feelings are good for a mellow daytime sesh.  Another landrace indica, Alien Technology, was recently brought from overseas by a U.S.  soldier returning from Afghanistan.  While it doesn’t offer a body-melting high like other landrace indicas, it’s still a rare, potent strain worth burning if you’re ever lucky enough to come across it.

Dear Stoner: I just moved here and want to update my glass collection.  What are some good head shops?


Dear Myra: Ever since I got my Volcano and a pipe with the same color scheme as that of the Phoenix Suns, I haven’t been inside too many smoke shops; most dispensaries sell decent rolling papers and glassware nowadays, so I try to keep my clothes free of incense residue.  But last time I checked, this was still America’s legal pot capital, and there’s a strong head-shop scene here if glass is your passion.

Purple Haze and Marley’s are two local smoke shops with multiple locations that Denver potheads like to frequent.  Both have enough glass and varieties of blunt wraps to satisfy the needs of most stoners.  But if you’re looking for real art, go to Illuzion Glass Gallery on Broadway or its sister shop in Boulder.  Both feature beautiful thousand-dollar pipes and oil rigs that would make Action Bronson’s collection look like a starter kit. 

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