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Pubdate: Thu, 21 Jul 2016
Source: Westword (Denver, CO)
Column: Ask a Stoner
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Author: Herbert Fuego


Dear Stoner: My dad has expressed an interest in getting in on all this marijuana business; as a supportive daughter, I’m wondering if there is any opportunity for a veteran civil engineer in the industry.


Dear Marisa: Your dad is probably overqualified for 99.5 percent of the jobs in the marijuana industry at the moment – but he could still find ways to use his skills, and there may be more opportunities in the future.  Depending on what sort of civil engineer he was/is, he could help design the exteriors of grow houses.  With all of the energy that hydroponic systems use in warehouses, I’m sure commercial growers and environmentalists alike would be interested in maximizing efficiency and minimizing energy use.

State-of-the-art grow warehouses will be more in demand as other states legalize pot.  And if the federal government ever reclassifies it, big business will get involved – and will need people like your dad to make sure it’s not wasting money.  If this whole legal-weed thing stays around long enough, businesses might even want to invest in artistic or sustainable cultivation operations, similar to what breweries and wineries do.  How cool would it be to become the Frank Lloyd Wright of commercial pot cultivation?

Dear Stoner: How many puffs is too much? I don’t see the point of passing every two hits if it’s just you and someone else.


Dear Ken: Don’t bogart that joint, my friend.  No worries if you’re under the age of forty and don’t get the Easy Rider reference, but puffing-and-passing etiquette is something people of all ages take quite seriously in this state.

The basic rule: No more than two hits ( a small third hit is acceptable the first go-round if you pretend to be intrigued by the taste ) if you’re in a circle of people you don’t know.  The joint is a privilege for everyone, and you should share accordingly.  If you’re with one or two friends, four or five hits is usually fine, but nobody likes the storyteller who thinks his tale about almost getting in a fight last Friday means he can smoke half the blunt while he’s telling it.  Some people like to hear the sound of their own voices when there’s pot in their hands; try not to be that person.

A circle of more than four friends usually means the “puff, puff, pass” rule is in effect to ensure that everyone gets his fair share.  But don’t let some random mooch at Red Rocks chat his way into burning half your stash.  None of these rules apply if it’s your weed that’s being smoked. 

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