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Sacramento News & Review, 14 Jul 2016 – Hey I heard some folks in Colorado were trying to change their pot laws. Can I get an update? – -Pueblo Boulder There were a few concern trolls, calling themselves the Healthy Colorado Coalition, that wanted to put an initiative on the ballot that would do a few things, but the biggest issue was an attempt to keep THC levels in commercial cannabis below 16 percent. This is one of the dumbest ideas ever. Consider this: Most commercially grown cannabis comes in between 15 and 19 percent THC. Some strains get into the low 20s and a rare few will hit 25 percent. Mandating superlow THC content would be like telling boozers that they could only have 3.2 percent alcohol-by-volume beer, none of this crazy 6 percent or 9 percent ABV barley wine. And no hard liquor.