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By Roberts, Chris SF Weekly, 17 Mar 2016 – Eleven years is a lifetime in technology, real estate, and the California cannabis industry. But to find a taste of 2005 in 2016 San Francisco, all you have to do is head south on Mission Street past Cesar Chavez – do not be afraid, Valencia Street ends, yet the city continues – and pull up on the narrow block of 29th Street that connects Mission to San Jose Avenue. Here, after you’re buzzed in past a mirror-glassed door, a handful of people – some old, some crippled, some indigent – can be found lounging on well-worn couches. There are black-light posters on the walls, and New Orleans jazz wafts softly through air heavy with the sweet smell of cannabis from the counter at one end of the room. It’s run-down, it’s homey, it’s comfortable. It’s very, very chill.

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