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By Roberts, Chris SF Weekly, 31 Mar 2016 – Tikisha Ong wants to change the world. The East Bay 30-something wants to become something rarer than a Silicon Valley unicorn: a black person in a position of ownership in the medical cannabis industry. No honest conversation about drugs can neglect race. If decades of blatantly biased arrest and incarceration statistics, the odd coincidence of the crack epidemic and then poverty ravaging once-middle-class black neighborhoods, and clear and cogent arguments like Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow did not convince you of the direct connection between drug prohibition and white supremacy, the recent revelation in Harper’s that the drug war was cooked up by Nixon administration operatives specifically to “disrupt” blacks and the left made this undeniable. And thus far, the “Green Rush” of economic opportunity presented by the legitimization of marijuana has been lily-white.

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