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It’s funny how even the most well-meaning of advice can sometimes come off as condescending, patronizing, or even rude. This is especially true when it’s cannabis advice. 

So imagine our surprise here at Leafly when a list of helpful, friendly and nonjudgmental advice popped up on Reddit via Amsterdam’s cannabis coffeeshop circuit. 

The list, which appeared on the back of a package of pre-rolls spotted by redditor BigWaveSmallOcean, is meant as a guide to avoid overconsumption and generally have a good time. It’s well-intentioned without being snooty, reminiscent of your best bud who helped ease you into the cannabis scene — talking you through your first hit, your first edible, your first dab, your first (fill-in-the-blank cannabis experience). 

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Aside from the slightly stilted Dutch-to-English translation (which is actually kind of charming), this is some quality, commonsense advice from the nation that started the cannabis legalization trend long before the U.S. caught on

8 Tips For Sensible Use of Hash and Marihuana 

  1. Use cannabis for recreation, smoking a joint does not solve any problems.
  2. If you smoke every day, stop and try a few days a week not to smoke.
  3. By use of cannabis, your ability to concentrate changes, therefore use it not at work, at school or in traffic.
  4. If you have little experience with cannabis, it is wise not to drink alcohol while smoking.
  5. Cannabis is sometimes a bad high. If you feel sick or scared, find a quiet place and eat or drink something sweet but do not panic. After one hour, the worst is over.
  6. If you are taking medication and want to use cannabis, consult a doctor. Never use if you are pregnant.
  7. Do not buy cannabis on the street, but look for a bonafide coffeeshop* (*or dispensary or retail cannabis shop, for those of you stateside)
  8. Do not take cannabis along when you leave the country.

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We asked our Leafly co-workers if they had other helpful guidance for sensible cannabis use. Here are a few pieces of commonsense cannabis tips from your friendly Leafly staff members:

Do you have any awesome tips that helped you navigate cannabis use? Feel free to share your most friendly advice in the comments!

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