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Vape pens. The smoking craze that is taking the world by vapor cloud storm! From newbies to seasoned tokers, this trend is steadily becoming a classic. Vaporizing herbs, concentrates, or waxes on the go is the ideal stealth and speedy way to indulge a heady treat or get your dosage of medical herbs.

Why don’t you just dab at home? A main argument against dabbing is the process and amount of equipment that needs to be used. Not for the quick hit smoker, these elaborate new age knife hits get you super loopy extra fast. Imagine that one time you accidentally smoked an entire blunt by yourself. It’s a similar feeling but with an undeniable, almost euphoric kick to the head. Worth the wait in a champion toker’s opinion, but if you just need a little kick vape pens are the way to e-roll. Vaping is convenient, portable, and less stress with less mess.

As you are shopping for a first vape pen or are adding to a growing collection, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Consider how often you will be using the unit. Are you a daily smoker or is this just for special occasions? Try to choose a vape pen that pleases your aesthetic. Do you want something funky colored and eye catching or camouflaged in with your all black wardrobe? What kind of tanks and atomizers will work best for the product you plan to vape? Waxy concentrates, thin oils, and crumbly dried herb all require different attachments or accessories.

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A large misconception regarding vape pens are that they are the same as e-cigarettes. Vaporizer pens are nothing like e-cigarettes. Most major e-cigarette brands are owned by big tobacco companies. Vape pens are a cleaner, health conscious solution to either quitting smoking tobacco or getting your herbal lean on combustion free.

After you select the vape pen that captures your heart the best, it’s time for a little crash course on usage.

First things first. Charge that smoke sesh helper! Most vaporizer opens on the market come with USB charge units so you can vape and charge at your leisure on the go. Just like a smartphone, you can be vape ready at any moment or in any place.

Next up, the nerdiest of all nerdy things. Your vaporizer comes with a manual and you should seriously consider reading it. Having book smart knowledge on something you might be using every day is of the utmost importance. From cover to cover, the manual should include information on your particular vape pen and its quirks or specifications.

Before you do anything with your new vaporizer pen you probably want to make sure it draws correctly. Test out the heating levels and heating time by doing a few dry runs with no concentrates or herb. Once you become comfortable with the buttons and displays you are ready for a smooth session with your favorite recreational or medicinal goods.

Maintenance will more than likely become an issue once you hit a steady routine with your brand new best friend the vape pen. Ensuring that you regularly clean and clear your unit means longevity for your personal vaporizer as well as lessheartbreak if you are forced to invest in a new one due to nasty build up or clogged tanks.

Here are some areas of your vaporizer pen that you should keep a close eye on while utilizing and maintaining.
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The threads of your apparatus are the thin screw lines where you attach your atomizers and attachments. Build-up can cake on to this area, especially if you are a fan of sticky smoke substances.


The mouthpiece can be a breeding ground for germs and other nasty annoyances. If you are a fan of group vaping and sharing your stash, try and keep it clean for your gang by using antiseptic wipes or even interchangeable mouthpieces.


The outer casing or shell of your vape pen can get soiled or sticky if you are using it heavily. Don’t be the little dirty kid character from Charlie Brown and keep your paraphernalia tidy and clean!

If you do have to end up doing a full body cleaning of your vaporizer pen, rest easy as it should be a snap. Refer to your handbook for tricks for your specific unit, but always remember that this is a delicate electronic unit, not a wash and go plaything. Take note of all components such as battery, heating chambers and the mouthpiece. Different kinds of concentrate convectors will require different kinds of cleaning methods.

Lastly, please be a courteous user if you decide to ride the vapor pen wave. There is absolutely nothing more obnoxious than walking behind a newly tattooed jock type blowing huge clouds like he owns the whole sidewalk. Vaping in public is essentially the same as smoking cigarettes in public. Not everyone is enjoying sweet drags from their excellent travel ready personal vaporizers. There are laws and ordinances in place to keep everyone happy, so abide by them. Happy vaping!