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By Bruce Barcott

Colorado prepares to host first cannabis-legal presidential caucus. “Weed May Make Colorado Caucuses Actually Bearable,” says Bustle.com writer Emily Shire in a story about the pros and cons of preboarding prior to Colorado’s upcoming March 1 Super Tuesday caucuses. Speaking as a veteran of the 2008 Colorado Democratic caucus, I can confirm that Ms. Shire is on to something, especially if you’re voting blue. Organization ain’t the Democratic Party’s strong suit, and those caucuses can run lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ng. If you choose to use, we suggest two things: discretion, as public consumption is illegal, and an energy-lifting sativa, so you aren’t snoozing when it finally comes time to raise your hand.

Cannabis Cup to Pueblo? Not necessarily, say county officials. Local bureaucrats seemed to be caught by surprise by the 4/20 Cannabis Cup’s move to Pueblo this year. They say the permits haven’t been issued yet, and Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor vowed to appeal the permits if approved. Meanwhile, property owner Tommy Giodone told the Pueblo Chieftain that he sent out a letter to neighbors alerting them that he’d booked a “Spring Festival.” Which seems a little… vague. Smells like a whole lot of drama is on its way.

Holder’s comments steam the clams of the NYT. The great Francis X. Clines, legendary New York Times reporter and rewrite man, takes note of the teeth-gnashing gall of former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, whose comments we reported here yesterday. ICYMI, the now-retired Holder told the PBS show Frontline that he was in favor of rescheduling cannabis. Fat lot of good that does us now, Eric. In the more tactful words of Mr. Clines: “This was hailed as encouraging news by marijuana enthusiasts who immediately asked why Mr. Holder didn’t push for this change when he was running the Justice Department.”

Alaska’s Charlo Greene arrested, turned back at Canadian border. The former Anchorage TV broadcaster, who blessed us with one of the world’s greatest “Fuck it, I quit” mic drops, was arrested and refused entry to Justin Trudeau’s homeland. Greene, on her way from Anchorage to Vancouver, B.C., to visit with folks at Phant Extracts, was stopped at customs at the Vancouver airport. “Laptops, cell phones, luggage, purses, even Charlo’s dog was searched,” Greene’s Facebook page reported. Border agents at YVR scraped enough “marijuana residue” from the bottom of her purse to charge her with suspicion of smuggling and deny her entry into the Great White North. After an unpleasant nine-hour visit in the customs office, Greene was sent back to the United States. Lesson: Cannabis is legal in Alaska, legal (medically) in Canada, but international borders exist in their own twilight zone. Travel clean, everybody. Like, scrub-your-purse clean.

It’s a facial blotter, it’s a rolling paper… it’s both! Not since the heyday of Shimmer — SNL’s floor wax and dessert topping — have we been so entranced by the discovery of a two-in-one product. It’s Milk Makeup’s Roll + Blot, the facial blotter that doubles as rolling papers! “Portable blotting sheets are made from unbleached hemp fibers to absorb excess oil and reduce shine,” say the folks at Milk. “Can also be used as rolling papers.” Bonus: All Milk Makeup products are cruelty-free. Watch that flame near your face, though.

QUICK HITS: Vermont Senate approves the nation’s first full legalization-by-legislation package. The bill now moves to the House. Wyoming still hates edibles, but maybe not as much as last week. State legislators moved to make possession of brownies ‘n’ stuff a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Texas(!) hosts its first cannabis convention this weekend, in Fort Worth. I’m sure all will be treated to a warm, respectful welcome by the local gendarmes. More media love for Foria Relief, as Business Insider says it “could be the future of period relief,” and accompanies the article with a photo of a non-medicated “typical tampon.” Friendly reminder: It’s not a damn tampon! Three words: cannabis crème gelato. It’s a thing at Perlecò, a local gelato shop in Alassio, Italy. And finally, your weekend starts here. Because owl rotation is amazing.

Image Source: Milk Makeup via Vimeo

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