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Star, a 6-year-old sheltie from Oregon, spent a night at the vet after getting into a supply of marijuana. (Susan Fry)

Star, a petite 6-year-old sheltie who competes in dog agility shows, almost missed a contest this month. She had spent the previous night at the vet, totally stoned on pot.

Her drug trip was an accident. Star lives in Oregon, where recreational use of marijuana became legal last year. Her owner’s husband had left some loose-leaf pot on the dining room table, and Star got curious. That was days after her sister, Kicker, gobbled up a pot-infused hard candy she found in the car, leaving her wobbling and incontinent. A veterinarian gave both dogs activated charcoal to absorb the toxin, which contributed to nearly $3,000 in medical bills and caused Star to poop in the ring during her competition.

“It was a bad week,” said the dogs’ owner, Susan Fry, of South Lebanon, Ore.

But it was probably a fairly routine week for the clinic that treated the dogs. As more jurisdictions legalize marijuana, veterinarians across the country say they are seeing a sharp increase in cases of pets accidentally getting high. [Read More @ The Washington Post]