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The Cannabis Marketing Lab has added Nick Owen as Vice President of Business Development in the state of Colorado. Mr. Owen brings over a decade of experience in commercial branding to TCML and will boost the company’s efforts to expand in the Centennial State.“Colorado’s cannabis industry is booming, and we felt like it was time to build a stronger presence for The Cannabis Marketing Lab in the state,” said Celeste Miranda, the company’s founder and CEO. “We are excited to get to work with Nick Owen. His creativity and familiarity with Colorado will be a huge asset for TCML as we move forward.”

Nick Owen was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from Colorado State University in 2010. He has spent the last 10 years creating commercial content for brands with his company Nick Owen Creative. Since Colorado’s 2012 decision to legalize recreational marijuana, Mr. Owen has been fascinated by the industry’s subsequent growth spurt in his home state.

“To witness an entire industry rise up from scratch is such a rare occurrence ripe with opportunity,” Owen commented. “It’s just an incredibly exciting time to be involved in the cannabis industry and I am thrilled to bring my knowledge and skill set to the TCML team.”

Celeste Miranda founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab in 2012 to serve the expanding marketplace for legalized cannabis. The company has since become the premier public relations agency for the industry, assisting growers, accessory makers and event promoters with social media presence and branding strategies. Celeste Miranda also hosts the Time 4 Hemp podcast and regularly presents at high-profile industry events.

“The cannabis industry has taken on a life of its own over the past few years,” Miranda said. “It’s amazing to watch this unfold, and it’s great to have Nick Owen on board as we continue to build relationships with the people of Colorado.”

For more information about The Cannabis Marketing Lab, visit thecannabismarketinglab.com or contact Celeste Miranda at 805-744-2424.