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By Brett Konen

There’s no question that the Leafly community is an active one: Leafly reviewers love enhancing their outdoor activities and experiences with cannabis, as evidenced by the hundreds of nature-centric strain reviews we receive every year. We combed through them and pulled out a few gems to create this list of Leafly reviewers’ recommended outdoorsy strains. This spring and summer, let them serve as your inspiration to head out for hiking, camping, backpacking, and exploring the great outdoors in any way you please.

Black Dahlia

“You simply can’t be uptight or in a bad mood with this… Body felt stoned but kept my mental faculties intact. Used this first time while camping in Oregon…and this strain was my lifesaver on keeping me pain free.” –JanetA

Willie Nelson

“I smoked it right before going hiking with my friend and the euphoric/relaxing/joyous feelings that this strain gave me were just the perfect mix to make that hike one of my most memorable and enjoyable hikes…it helped me connect and understand some lingering thoughts that were roaming through my mind at the time.” –Oman2525

Cheese Quake

“Perfect for slaying dragons of all sizes, climbing all castles for fair maidens, and all things in between. This includes hiking.” –lofulofu

Cinderella 99

“Cinderella 99 is great for the active individual. As an avid mountain biker I have found this to be a great high when riding. On a recent night ride up at Galbraith I felt like I could have ridden forever, damn batteries! And yes the house is clean and those leather hiking boots are clean and water-tight.” ­–elevenmilesoneway

Redwood Kush

“John Muir, while discussing the redwood forests of Northern California, remarked, “Going to the woods is going home.” The comforting, warming high of Redwood Kush is reminiscent of sitting by a campfire, surrounded by friends and the company of looming sugar pines.” –OCWeedReview

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

“I could run around all day on this stuff and feel amazing. I would DEFINITELY suggest doing something outdoors like hiking, fishing, swimming, etc. It’s perfect for just having a good time during the summer.” –MrZefaulka

Blue Dream

“I had three puffs before taking the dog for a nice walk…The landscape turned into a candy land. If you want to experience the candy land, then Blue Dream will be your pick.” –Puffalo

Orange Crush

“Not only does it work like a sweet orange battery in the morning, but is OUTSTANDING for hiking or other outdoor activities in the afternoon. Absolutely cannot recommend higher.” –SirBronn

Afghan Kush

“Smoked while camping with some friends…Really brought out our creative sides as we jammed on guitars by the fire. The lake at sunset looked like a mural on a wall.” –SpraynardKruger1

Golden Goat

“Golden Goat is not to be smoked indoors–at least for Ignatius. When Ignatius smokes Golden Goat, it causes Ignatius to speak in the third person and open all doors and windows. Golden Goat should be smoked, ingested, or vaped outdoors, where there is little made-made interaction. A hiking trail in a narrow canyon is where Ignatius prefers to consume Golden Goat.” –Ignatius

Critical Mass

“Threw a small amount into a clean glass piece, three lungfulls later I knew this was something special. Taking this on a one week backpacking trip for fireside good times.” –DrStrange

Cookie Wreck

“Went looking for pain relief and freedom in my movement and I’ve got it! Hello hiking again!” –Nevra79

Exodus Cheese

“You’re hiking up a mountain. Things start to look cooler as you continue to ascend since you can see further than you’ve ever before…when you finally reach the top, an indescribable, awe-inspiring view smacks you in the face. You sit down to bask in and respect its glory. You look upon the skyline seeing trees and mountains as far as the I can see. You are in this. You aren’t seeing this in a picture in a magazine or from a picture uploaded by some dude on Reddit. No, you are really here. You really climbed a mountain, and you are really looking at the beauty that the Earth has to offer. You have done it. You have actually accomplished something. So, you let yourself be drenched with the force of 10 Newton fucktons of euphoric bliss, and it radiates throughout your mind and body. And all you want to do is scream, “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” at the top of your lungs, but you don’t because there are other people around and that would be weird. So, you sit in peace, taking in as much of it as you can because even though you will be up here for a long time, you can’t stay this high forever. Or can you…” –i_miss_u_cupcake

Reviews edited for length and clarity.

Image Source: Joshua Earle via Unsplash

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