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There are many ways to do fall right, but if you’re doing it without these pre-rolls in your bag, you’re doing it wrong. The following five are fresh, flavorful, and vetted by us for your every autumn pursuit, from hiking through the fall colors to sipping cider with warm socks and a good book. Track them down at your favorite local dispensary, and get ready to make this fall your best one yet.

Seattle-based Solstice has earned a well-deserved reputation for high-quality pre-rolls, and the cream of the crop this season is Blueberry Cheesecake. It blends smile-inducing effects with the sweet, tangy aromas and flavors reminiscent of its namesake dessert.

Strain type: Hybrid

Have it on hand for: An afternoon get-together with old friends

Cenex cannabis pre rolls from Phat Panda

Fall is a get-stuff-done season, and fun, funky brand Phat Panda offers a pre-rolled Cenex ideal for amplifying your daily routine. The high-CBD strain lends a cool, clear-headed elevation to your errands and melts your stress away ever so easily.

Strain type: Sativa

Spark up and head out: To your favorite local farmers’ market

Liberty Haze cannabis pre rolls from Vashon Velvet

Vashon Velvet’s island-grown cannabis is making waves in the local craft cannabis community, and fragrant Liberty Haze is one of their turnkey strains. You’ll taste notes of pine and citrus fruits, and feel an uplifting, creative buzz that augments colors and the crispness of the fall air.

Strain type: Hybrid

Bring it along on: A long walk or hike through the colorful trees

Grape Ape cannabis pre rolls from Emeral Janes

Emerald Jane’s pre-rolled Grape Ape begets a high that’s at once happy and relaxing – the perfect match for shorter, foggier fall days. Popping open the packaging yields a sweet skunkiness and aromas reminiscent of fine pinot noir.

Strain type: Indica

Break it out when you’re: Cozied up on the couch for a Netflix marathon with your partner or pup

Blue Dream cannabis pre rolls from Artizen

Blue Dream is the best-loved strain across the United States, and Artizen’s Blue Dream is the best in Washington. Notes of berries, lemon, and earth plus a soothing, cerebral high characterize the experience of smoking this sativa-leaning hybrid.

Strain type: Hybrid

Perfect when paired with: The first pumpkin spice latte of the season