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Before the heat dies down and the sunsets start to shorten, it’s time to make the most out of your summer. And just as rosé is the perfect summer sipper, these 10 strains might as well have been bred expressly for summer fun with friends, whether out in the sun or under the stars.

From sweet, citrusy sativas to sticky, sunset-hued hybrids, don’t miss a single one of the following cannabis strains this season.

The Leafly Staff Discusses the Best Summer Activities to Enhance with Cannabis


Leafly Schrom cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Lemon-limey as a soda pop with extra squeezes of fresh-sliced citrus.

Experience | Frequently tricky to hunt down, this 70% sativa delivers a breezy, buoyant, clear-headed elevation that’s completely worth the search. An axiom frequently uttered around the Leafly office: “Schrom is bomb.”

What you need it for | Chilling on the back patio with your favorite people.

Intake | Bong, with an ice pinch.

Leafly Golden Pineapple cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Pineapple upside-down cake, fresh out of the oven, two inches from your nose. Somewhere nearby, a fruit basket overflows with papayas, ripe bananas, and mangoes.

Experience | Gp is liquid sunshine, in the form of unadulterated happiness. You’ll want to dance, hum, and hug someone.

What you need it for | Your friend’s backyard barbecue; pair it with a couple of teriyaki kebabs.

Intake | Vaporizer that supports dry herb.

Leafly Red Headed Stranger cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Subtly spicy, tangy and herbal.

Experience | Zippy, jazzy, energetic.

What you need it for | Day hike motivation. The view from the top of that mountain is going to look better than ever.

Intake | Pipe, tincture, or baked into an edible.

Leafly Sunset Sherbet cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Sweetness underscores berry flavors on the inhale, then jumps out to steal the whole show on the exhale.

Experience | Girl Scout Cookies may be legendary, but Sunset Sherbet is its heir apparent. The hybrid builds on Gsc’s all-star ancestry (grandparents: Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison), and weaves in a few indica-dominant characteristics all its own.

What you need it for | A sandy beach at – you guessed it – sunset.

Intake | Joint.

Leafly Ingrid cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Sweet, skunky, earthy.

Experience | Not all indicas are made for summer, but Ingrid is the free-wheeling hippie kid who got cool in college, came home over summer vacation, and knocked everyone’s socks off. Side effects include a desire to snuggle up in a hammock and smile around at everyone and everything.

What you need it for | Your next lakeside campout; break out a jar once you’ve settled by the campfire for the evening.

Intake | Pipe.

Leafly Tangie cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | A tangerine dream come true. If aromas could drip citrus juice, this one would.

Experience | Slow and shy to come on at first, Tg’s high tends to hit as soon as you look the other way. It’s a tingly rush of cool, creative energy, and you’re going to want to get up and do stuff.

What you need it for | You know how you’ve been meaning to tackle that art project? Get on it.

Intake | Concentrate; a li’l dab’ll do ya for the afternoon.

Leafly Super Silver Haze cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Earthy with hints of pine, like gardening in an evergreen forest.

Experience | With numerous coveted first-place awards, Ss is one of the most decorated strains out there, and its energetic, euphoric high is among the most classic. It’s a solid strain year-round, but its effects shine brightest from July through September.

What you need it for | Your Labor Day backpacking trip.

Intake | Pre-roll; no need to get fancy.

Leafly Jillybean cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Orange candy meets a creamsicle in a fruity, delicious flavor-splosion.

Experience | Chatty and cheerful for hours on end.

What you need it for | Sitting on your front porch (preferably on a porch swing) with a glass of iced tea in one hand.

Intake | Time-to-time tokes off your concentrate pen.

Leafly Mercury OG cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Mer expresses a complex array of gorgeous floral characteristics; you’ll have a hard time taking your nose out of the jar long enough to load a bowl.

Experience | Get ready to relax, breathe easy, and relish a deeply pleasurable body high.

What you need it for | Your family vacation.

Intake | Bong or dab rig – go for a big hit.

Leafly Purple Trainwreck cannabis strain tile 

Aroma and flavor | Think fragrant California wine grapes, freshly picked and about to be pressed.

Experience | This bold yet balanced hybrid heightens everything you love about summer. There’s also a good chance it’ll bring on a bout of the giggles.

What you need it for | An outdoor concert or afternoon of beach volleyball.

Intake | Shatter, wax, or a classic joint.

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