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This is a brand-new publication specifically devoted to the science of cannabis research just officially launched a few days ago. The debut issue of Terpenes and Testing Magazine will be available online through the company’s website and as a print publication.

Beginning with a distribution of 20,000, the magazine is highly targeted toward the scientific cannabis sector. The magazine will go out free to Extraction Manufacturers and Producers as well as Testing Labs. Some of the stories in the first issue include making extracts the right way and a spotlight on Oregon’s testing laboratories.

“We’re so excited to be able to offer the very first intellectually driven publication for the cannabis testing laboratories and extraction artists,” commented Cara Wietstock, Editor. “Terpenes and Testing Magazine is setting the standard for an objective journalistic approach to the scientific side of cannabis.”

As states continue to legalize medical and recreational cannabis, industry insiders are pushing for reforms around research and testing laws. Such reforms would enable cannabis scientists to make improvements to testing methods, resulting in more accurate results and understanding of each strain’s potency, psychological effects and medical benefits.

Terpenes and Testing Magazine hopes to serve as a forum for innovators in the science of cannabis to share new testing methods with other bright minds in the industry. The publication will be a discussion forum for these individuals, and an opportunity to provide transparency to members of the public that would like a behind-the-scenes look at the technologies and methods at the forefront of the industry. Terpenes and Testing Magazine will publish six issues per year, and many of the nation’s top labs and cannabis scientists have already signed on to contribute.

“There is so much potential in the cannabis flower that we need to unlock, and we hope this publication will be a strong link in the chain that leads toward these revelations,” added Wietstock.

For more information please visit http://terpenesandtesting.com