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Exciting news come out of California yesterday. Spark the Conversation – a nonprofit cannabis organization dedicated to changing the social stigma around cannabis consumption – leaves for a two-week California-length bus tour.

With California’s Proposition 64 on the ballot in November, the tour comes at an opportune time to discuss personal liberties and cannabis.

The bus will leave Los Angeles on October 19, run the length of California and back, and then conclude in San Francisco for an election viewing party on November 8.

#HighMyNameIs to Spark the Conversation

The tour kicks off with a #HighMyNameIs video campaign where anyone can upload their feelings to social media on way more that just cannabis. Any topics related to personal freedom, drug war, civil liberties, non-violent imprisonment and social injustice are encouraged.

The Spark the Conversation Facebook page will then aggregate any submissions. The videos will range from 15 to 60 seconds and may include photo or written messages.

Spark the Conversation attempts to make it easy for all people to amplify their message of personal freedom and participate in cannabis reform.

Why is Spark the Conversation going on tour?

As voting on the California Cannabis Legalization Initiative rapidly approaches, Spark the Conversation seeks to open conversation about ending the Drug War and provide education on personal freedom. Their activation campaign seeks to inspire Californians to #bethechange.

California’s newest cannabis policy initiative would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of cannabis for anyone 21 and older. If voted in, it possess the potential make California one of the world’s largest industry leaders. Recent polls show that almost 60% of Californians support the measure.

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Spark the Conversation is sponsored by many businesses in the cannabis industry including Humboldt’s Finest, an alliance of Humboldt County heritage cannabis farms.

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