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The San Diego City Council met on Tuesday this week to review proposed regulations that would alter the current cannabis business landscape in the City. One of the main issues discussed was whether the currently operating medical cannabis dispensaries would be able to sell recreational cannabis.

Terrie Best is the Chapter Chair in San Diego for Americans for Safe Access and she clarified for The Weed Blog that the “council voted to grandfather in (and write land use law within 9 months) business tax certification holders in the areas of manufacturing, cultivation and testing. Deliveries will now need to be connected to a Medical Marijuana Card Clinic (MMCC) conditional use permit only, no stand-alones. We also may have lost events where products are used and consumed.”

Best added, “Our outdoor Proposition 64 six plant personal right must be exercised under a green house, and all MMCC’s will be allowed to sell to adults 21 and over along with their patient clients.”

You may recall the amazing work of San Diego attorney Michael E. Cindrich from our previous post about his work with cannabis clients.  According to an article he published regarding this topic, perhaps “the most important issue addressed was whether the City would create separate permitting categories that would allow for the cultivation, manufacturing, lab testing, storage, and distribution of cannabis and cannabis products. A great sign of things to come, the City Council instructed staff to prepare draft regulations to allow these uses.”

San Diego has come a long way in the last several years, and it appears that the City has decided to keep moving forward.   As Best put it, “Not too bad for a town FULL of loud prohibitionists. I am upset about the delivery loss and event ban though. But, I don’t think it will stop us.”

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