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Every year, I try to light up before indulging myself in the delicious spread of Thanksgiving food on the table. A good smoke always seemed to make the food taste better that it already was. But as I’ve gotten older (and had children) sneaking in this smoke break before eating has gotten harder and harder. But that’s where edibles makes everything easier!

Danksgiving – a Weed Thanksgiving – is the perfect situation to not only enjoy a great meal, but also experience the amazing effects of marijuana while doing it! So this year, we’ve put together ever recipe you need to take tomorrow’s meal to new heights!

Happy Thanksgiving!


To start, how about a bowl of hearty and warm seasonal soup? Perhaps like this Butternut Squash soup perfect for the cool weather and to get your body ready for the meal!

How To Make Marijuana Butternut Squash Soup

Weed Thanksgiving Main Courses

Alright…are you ready for this? These are the dishes that make your Thanksgiving complete! From mashed potatoes to a full turkey, here’s every recipe you need to make weed thanksgiving happen at your house!

How To Make Marijuana Green Bean Casserole

How To Make Marijuana Stuffing

How To Make Cannabis Infused Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce

Thanksgiving Day Marijuana Turkey Recipe

How To Make Marijuana Gravy


Admit it! You still want dessert after that crazy-filling meal! Because what’s Thanksgiving without Pumpkin Pie? We’ve even included two recipes for pumpkin pie – one for these adorable mini-pies that we just can’t get enough of!

Marijuana-Pumpkin Pie Recipe

How To Make Marijuana Apple Pie

How To Make Mini Marijuana Pumpkin Pies

Marijuana Banana Bread Recipe


Now that you’ve fully indulged yourself, why not finished off the holiday with a spice-filled drink and great conversation with family and friends!

Marijuana Chai Drink Recipe