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The medical marijuana opposition campaign in Florida, No on 2, continues to pick up steam. Yesterday, it was announced that Carol Jenkins Bennett, the heiress of Publix Supermarkets’ fortune, pushed $800,000 into the No on 2 campaign. This is on top of the $1 million Mel Sembler put in.

This gives the campaign, which aired an ad comparing budtenders to “drug dealers with store fronts,” a massive war chest with only 104 days remaining until early and absentee voting is set to begin in the state.

Polling on the measure in Florida doesn’t appear to give either side any edge. Recent polls showed a 58% support for the measure passing this November. However, other polls range from 87% support to 34%. So, it’s difficult to get a grasp on which way the campaign in turning.

With the new influx of cash, the No on 2 campaign is poised to really push their negative, fear-mongering anti-marijuana message out the Floridians – especially to seniors – who helped narrowly defeat a similar measure in 2014.

To join the fight for medical marijuana in Florida, visit the Yes on 2 Facebook Page.