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The aim of the study was to evaluate the use of cannabis and cocaine among fishermen followed in occupational medicine in the ports of Aquitaine and Charente-Maritime (Direction interrégionale de la mer Sud-Atlantique [DIRM-SA]).


Thousand fishermen could be recruited during medical regulatory examination by the occupational physicians and nurses of Occupational Health Department for Seamen.


About 20% of fishermen were former smokers. A third of the fishermen are at risk for excessive drinking according to the AUDIT-C. The prevalence of cannabis experimentation was estimated at 58%. The prevalence of positive urine test for cannabis was 28%. The prevalence of experimentation with cocaine was about 16%. The prevalence of positive urine test for cocaine was 4.5%.


In accordance with its objectives, this study allows objectifying cannabis and cocaine consumption among fishermen. The national rules for fitness at sea have to be modified by introducing the use of urinary tests by occupational physician.