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By Brett Konen

Welcome to Leafly’s Pot Brownie Bracketology, where March Madness meets reefer madness and we search low and high to discover the absolute best cannabis brownie recipe ever.

The contenders: Our Editor’s Mom’s Brownies (by Mrs. Barbara Martin) vs. Martha Louise Stewart’s “To-Die-For” Brownies (by Martha Louise Stewart)

The story: Martha Stewart has made a name for herself as the ultimate celebrity homemaker and all-around domestic diva (barring that brief stint in prison). Her website is a treasure trove of brownie recipes that would likely all lend themselves beautifully to cannabis infusion. We picked a particularly compelling one, then matched it up against a recipe from our managing editor Sam’s own mother, which Sam claims is the world’s best. When asked whether she was nervous to be facing Martha Stewart’s recipe in the competition, Sam relayed that his mother was “very excited, and quietly confident.”

Brownie A: Sam’s Mom’s Brownies

Get Sam’s mom’s raspberry-filled, cannabis-infused brownie recipe here

Creator: Mrs. Barbara Martin of Brisbane, Qld., Australia

Original recipe contains cannabis? No

Why we picked it: Everyone thinks their mother’s brownies are the best – but what if you could make them even better with cannabis? We wanted to see if it worked.

What we liked best: The fact that this recipe came to us all the way from Down Under.

What we liked least: Searching for caster sugar (baker’s sugar will work fine).

Most valuable ingredient: Raspberries. Right off the bat, these brownies are both charismatic and memorable.

Judges’ notes:

“A+ for potency.” –Kelly Bennett, mobile application developer

“The flavor had a nice balance…the raspberries made for a nice touch. This was definitely the more potent [compared with Martha Stewart].” –Sharee Church, sales support specialist

“So yeah, this one looked like a total trainwreck once it got mussed up, but that’s because it was so gooey!” –Naomi Fowler, senior marketing CRM manager

Brownie B: Martha Louise Stewart’s “To-Die-For” Brownies

Get Martha Stewart’s “to die for” brownie recipe here

Creator: Martha Stewart

Original recipe contains cannabis? No

Why we picked it: Martha Stewart’s website has page after page of brownie recipes, but the fact that she attached her full name to these ones suggests she’s particularly proud of them. Also, she’s baked brownies with Snoop Dogg before, and the video makes us think she’d be amenable to tossing in a certain secret ingredient.

What we liked best: The idea of Martha and Snoop stirring in some cannabutter behind the scenes.

What we liked least: Waiting 10 minutes for the electric mixer to beat the eggs to an appropriate consistency.

Most valuable ingredient: The pecans. They cut through the sweetness of the icing, adding texture and crunch to an otherwise airy brownie.

Judges’ notes:

“Amazing flavor; I was happy to be able to eat the whole thing without getting totally donked.” ­–Bailey Rahn, associate editor

“Loved the texture…soft with some crunch.” –Philip Bjorge, software engineer

“I could smell it from my bag, so that was lovely. Pecans and herb flavor for the win…Finished the brownie and entered the void that is online shopping.” ­–Sharee Church, sales support specialist

“Did you guys placebo me?! Well it worked. I’m pretty sure I felt nothing. Or maybe I felt something. I don’t know.” –Naomi Fowler, senior marketing CRM manager

Scores (Average of Two Judges):

Sam’s Mom

Martha Stewart



















Winner: Sam’s mom!

Which brownie recipe will Sam’s mom’s brownies face in the semi-final competition? Check back later today to find out! See all the #BrownieBracket matchups here.

Disclaimer: Cannabis edibles should always be prepared and consumed with care. Know your tolerance, start slow, and never drive under the influence of cannabis.

Image Source: Sara Dilley

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