If you follow MagicalButter.com CEO, and Founder Garyn Angel, on Facebook you may have noticed he’s been live streaming latley… alot.

"When you are Stuck in reverse but have to go forward" - Watch Video

“When you are Stuck in reverse but have to go forward” – Watch Video

You may have even seen his “daily motivationals” where he always has a smile on his face; even when his car got stuck in reverse.

The Right Side Of History

Angel finds himself stuck in reverse once again. This time it’s with Port Richey Florida City Council and it’s been streamed live to Facebook. Thanks to the MB Productions team, each hearing has been streamed live to thousands of people and will be forever remembered.

According to CBS 10 News, Pasco County is working to extend its current moratorium which bans growing, processing and distribution of marijuana within the county. It’s also drafting an ordinance that would ban all marijuana business activity.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office presented statistics from Colorado where all marijuana is legal to the county commission citing increased crime near dispensaries and more marijuana-related traffic deaths. In a statement Sheriff Chris Nocco said, “It is the citizen’s choice, however, they need to evaluate the unintended consequences in Colorado.”

What has been an effective strategy, and one that Garyn always seems to deliver with a smile, is to present the science and facts about cannabis and cannabinoid therapies.

Scientific facts command the most respect in society. While anecdotal information is important, its true value is only apparent when paired with supportive clinical evidence.

Double-blind, clinical trials have shown isolated cannabinoids or cannabis extracts benefit other diseases like schizophrenia, Crohn’s disease, cancer pain, and more. The cell, animal, and human evidence conclusively demonstrate cannabis extracts can treat certain conditions.

“With medicine what people are looking for is hope and cannabis gives people more hope, especially when applied with the right research and standards,” Angel said.

Watch how Garyn presents cannabis facts and science at the Port Richey Florida City Council hearing.