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Planet Greentrees For Wednesday June 29  2011 Webisode # 48
In our attempt to bring the community information and some form of entertainment, we have lined up for tonight’s show:
Once again it has been a week of ongoing developments. New legislation introduced, a few new Court of Appeals cases, and our Attorney General has issued an opinion. Lets talk about all of this and how it impacts our community.
Call in number is Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626
Please join us tonight for a safe, comfortable environment to discuss everything that is Medical Marijuana.
Looking to take questions and comments, and anything else you want to talk about that is Medical Marihuana related. Please join us tonight.
Let’s make tonight’s show all about patients. All too often the focus of things gets off track. Let’s try to bring the discussion back to how to help the sick people. The critics of this law have never tried to understand the truth: which is that people all over the world for thousands of years have found that cannabis is medicine.
Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626
Please join us tonight for a very Special 2 hour Episode ofPlanet Green Trees, hosted by:
Attorney Michael Komorn.
It is our intent to provide a safe comfortable environment for the medical marihuana community to discuss the ongoing complex issues that are influencing our community.
As always, I welcome your legal questions and will attempt to provide some answers.