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Planet Greentrees For Wednesday July 20 2011 Webisode # 51

Special Guests Tonight
Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Lawyer Dennis Hayes
-Calling in to discuss things in Ann Arbor
-his thoughts and perspectives on the MMMA.
Dr.Robert Townsend
-his views on the current status of the Law
-Doctor patient relationships, bona fide only.
Topics Tonight
Medical Marijuana -Do people still maintain that it has no medicinal value?
The Federal Government continues to lie to the American people
Doj “Cole” clarifying memo-the only thing it clarifies is the FederalGovernment is being dishonest to its citizens.
Lets talk about safe, consistent reliable access for sick people. What model isthe right model for Michigan.
Looking for any input our community may have.
Bill Schuette: your attorney General, what is he thinking?
It is our intent to provide a safe comfortable environment for the medicalmarihuana community to discuss the ongoing complex issues that are influencingour community.
As always, I welcome your legal questions and will attempt to provide someanswers.

hosted by: Attorney Michael Komorn.

Komorn Law 1800-656-3557
None of the content of from this show or any other show should be consideredlegal advice, and is merely at times the opinion of lawyer. Please do not relyupon anything said in this show or any other show to believe what I say willprotect you from an arrest, or prosecution or other penalty.