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We are stepping up the show, and plan to introduce a new format tonight. Please tune in, we plan to give away many gifts for the medical marijuana community. We intend on giving away tshirts ftonight for all callers, and will ultimately have a drawing to give away some caregiver equipment. Community involvement is the key. Please call in, particiapate in the discussion, win a tshirt, and possibly resources to help facilitate your garden.Call-in Number: (347) 326-9626
Please join us tonight for a very Special 2 hour Episode of Planet Green Trees,
hosted by: Attorney Michael Komorn.
Please call in to discuss what is on your mind; we encourage as much community involvement as possible.
Please join us tonight for an intelligent conversation of everything that is Medical Marihuana
Tonight’s Show is Sponsored by:The Michigan Medical Marihuana Association. Production Director Ken Blanks, Special Thanks to MMMA
Joe Cain,Garfield. And all the Moderators
(Thanks you for the hard work you do for this community), The American Medical Marijuana Association Jay VanDyke
Michigan’s Choice 1248-750-1000, Green Thumb Garden Center
None of the content of from this show or any other show should be considered legal advice, and is merely at times the opinion of lawyer. Please do not rely upon anything said in this show or any other show to believe what I say will protect you from an arrest, or prosecution or other penalty.

Michael A. Komorn
Attorney and Counselor