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Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion

Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-


Attorney Mary Chartier of the Lansing based women owned law firm Alane & Chartier

The issue of medical marihuana patients medicating in the car is on the COA docket, and it will be argued by Attorney Mary Chartier, we are fortunate to have her on the show to discuss these issues and give her thoughts and commentary.

D.J. Short

DJ Short is an internationally known cannabis breeder and author. His award winning Delta Nine Collection includes the world famous Blueberry, a strain that has become foundational in the development of exceptional new hybrids.

Discussions on the New Drugged Driving Law.


Additional Guests Attorney Jeff Frazier and Attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law


Additional topics will be determined as the show begins and additional guest may  be announced. 


Michael’s rant, news, current events and more!