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July 10, 2014 Thursday 8-10:00 p.m. call 347-326-9626 or Listen at   www.planetgreentrees.com

Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion-


Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-




Mason Tvert-Nationally renowned Cannabis Reform Activist Mason Tvert – How Colorado’s legalization has been going, the State of Washington upcoming implementation of Adult recreational use and Alaska and Oregon as the next in line for legalization.

Mike Boutin- Nationally renowned Cannabis patient and activist, a medical marijuana patient for 35 years. Recently, he was prominently featured in the short-lived Discovery series Weed Country.


Robin Schneider legislative liaison for the National Patients’ Rights Association, will join us to discuss the  status 4271and  5104 and the upcoming Fundraiser at the Historical Museum sponsored by the  NPRA and the Detroit Medical Cannabis Guild

Also if time we will be discussing the Proposed Amendments to the Administrative Rules of the MMMA program. Specifically addressing the new conditions panel and the requirement of peer review research to support the adding of a new condition.

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