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October 17 , 2013 Tonight 8-10:00 p.m. or call 347-326-9626
Tonight- The Michigan Medical Marihuana Act offers immunity from prosecution and/or defenses for the patients and caregivers participating in growing and/or using cannabis. These protections are, often times, largely based on the establishment of a doctor-patient relationship. We will discuss the kinds of standards being employed around the state for patients obtaining recommendation letters, and whether or not certain practices may create advantages or disadvantages when and if legal issues arise for the caregivers, patients and recommending doctors.
One of the main questions being discussed tonight- Does it make a difference if the doctor’s examination and subsequent recommendation was performed at a business expo, hotel or other festival like event? Joining us in this discussion will be:
Ben Horner from the MMMR Report Magazine, and organizer and creator of a series of marijuana conferences which include pertinent speakers, classes on related subjects, industry vendors and a doctor for offering recommendation letters for new or renewing patients.
Two physicians, Dr. Singh, and Dr. Crocker who both offer examinations and recommendations for marijuana patients as a part of their respective practices.
Attorneys Thomas Lavigne of The Cannabis Counsel law firm in Detroit and, as always, Michael Komorn, will present the current state of the Act concerning the doctor-patient relationship and how the issue has been playing out in the court room.
Contributions from Jamie Lowell from the 3rd Coast Compassion Center and Rick Thompson from the Compassion Chronicles”
The MMMA: michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderators
Komorn Law – Atty Michael Komorn (800) 656-3557- The Med Joint Community Compassion Center – Oshtemo, MI Kevin Spitler
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