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October 10 , 2013 Tonight 8-10:00 p.m. or call 347-326-9626
Tonight- The Michigan Supreme Court heard oral arguments today in Ter Beek v City of Wyoming. The case stems from the City of Wyoming excluding medical marijuana activity by way of banning all behavior that is Federally illegal, within in the city. The decision could potentially put into jeopardy the ability for medical marijuana patients to continue using cannabis under state law.
Attorney John Targowski will join us tonight along with the Godfather Tim Beck, who attended the hearings earlier today. We will discuss the implications of the MSC potentially ruling on the side of the City of Wyoming in favor of Federal preemption, and what the predominant thinking is on which way the court is leaning after today’s hearing.
We will also hear from Kevin Spitler the organizer of the Ohio Rights Organization event coming up this weekend on Saturday Oct. 12 at Headliners in Toledo beginning at 7:00 pm. Kevin will be checking in from the Cannabis Counsel in Detroit where national figure, and last week’s guest, Cheryl Shuman will be participating in a gathering of organizations and activists during her brief visit in Michigan before participating in a tour of Ohio including this weekend’s event in Toledo.
Court report from Kenneth Gibson from The MI Human Solution chapter.
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