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January 24,  2013 8-10 p.m. 13473269626 dial 1 to get on the air

Guests: Michigan filmmaker Jen Whalen and attorney John Targowski
Tonight Jen Whalen, the creator of the new Michigan based medical marijuana documentary “Blazed and Confused” will be on to discuss the making of the piece and the process she went through. The documentary can be found on TCC’s site-

Also, attorney John Targowski will promote the legalization debate event sponsored by The Students for Liberty at Western Michigan University taking place 5-9 pm in Kirsch Auditorium. Matt Abel, Kevin Spitler, Charmie Gholson and others will also be involved.
Also on the agenda for discussion: Everything that is Cannabis or Medical Cannabis related
Brought to you by: Our Regular Group of Community Entertainment.
Your host: Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law 18006563557
Regular guests: Chad from the Birmingham Compassion Club, Jamie Lowell of Third Coast Compassion Center, Rick Thompson-Editor and Chief of the Compassion Chronicles- reporting on news events, Canna-Miracles our very own Gold Cup Winner. Thanks to Purnell Jameson and Greg Pawlowski for producing tonight’s show.
Tonight’s Show Sponsored By: MMMA: michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderators especially Q tipper!
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