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January 10, 2013 8-10 p.m. 13473269626 dial 1 to get on the air
Special Guests:
Stephanie Sherer-Executive Director of Americans For Safe Access- providing a National View of Medical Cannabis and Cannabis reform for 2013.
John Targowski  of Targowski and Grow- Friend and Power House Attorney will be calling in to discuss the United States Attorney for the Western District of Michigan, and his recent comments made to the Federal Bar Association regarding Medical Cannabis. Also his comments on the Grand Rapids law suit to stop the ballet initiative decriminalizing Cannabis.
Tonight’s Topic: The Unforgotten cases of patients and caregivers victimized by system, and charged as criminals.
In the Next weeks we plan to revisit those patients and caregivers who have been victimized within the judicial system for their choice to use medical cannabis: Providing updates to the community on their journey into the abyss:
Robert Redden, Jeff Ellis, Barb Agro, Dewey and Pam Thomas, Joe Casias-Wall Mart Joe -And many more…
Also on the agenda for discussion: Everything that is Cannabis or Medical Cannabis related
Brought to you by: Our Regular Group of Community Entertainment.
Your host: Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law 18006563557
Regular guests: Chad from the Birmingham Compassion Club, Jamie Lowell of Third Coast Compassion Center, Rick Thompson-Editor and Chief of the Compassion Chronicles- reporting on news events, Canna-Miracles our very own Gold Cup Winner. Thanks to Purnell Jameson and Greg Pawlowski for producing tonight’s show.
Tonight’s Show Sponsored By: MMMA: michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderators especially Q tipper!
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