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Special Friday Show
November 23, 2012 8-10 p.m. 13473269626 dial 1 to get on the air
Special Guest: Eapen Thampy The Founder and Executive Director of Americans for Forfeiture Reform.

Will my Medical Marihuana card stand up in Court.
When Will Mainstream Media And Veteran Politicians Accept The Fact That Marijuana Reform Is Here To Stay
*We will be taking calls all night; we want to hear from the community on all of these topics. 
Also- Your Regular Community Entertainment.
Your host: Attorney Michael Komorn of Komorn Law 18006563557
Regular guests: Chad from the Birmingham Compassion Club, Jamie Lowell of Third Coast Compassion Center, Rick Thompson reporting on news events. Tonight’s Show Sponsored By: MMMA: michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderators especially Q tipper!
Komorn Law – Atty Michael Komorn (800) 656-3557-Green Thumb Garden Center 2484391851.