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Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles, Jamie Lowell from Third Coast


Tonight- The Detroit City Council takes action concerning licensing and zoning of caregivers and medical marijuana distribution locations. MILegalize has passed the half way point in the petitioning process- on pace to turn in enough signatures with which to qualify being placed on the November 2016 ballot.


Also- The MILegalize campaign is challenged with raising $100,000 in matching funds for October. Four fundraising events scheduled for tomorrow in Flint Friday Oct 16, Ypsilanti Oct 25, Detroit Wednesday Oct 28, and Grand Rapids Thursday Oct 29- MILegalize.com for details.


MILegalize update with the incomparable Josey Scoggin


Joining us- Greg Pawloski, Detroit businessman and cannabis law reform advocate


Charmie Gholson- founder of Michigan Moms United 


Jim Powers- Michigan Parents for Compassion co- founder and board member of the ballot group known as MILegalize. And- regular guests and friends of the show attorney Jeff Frazier attorney David Rudoi of Rudoi Law, attorney Allen Peisner, Eric Gunnels, Thetford Twp Trustee and T- Piddle.


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