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The Pantone Color Institute recently named “greenery” the color of the year for 2017. Revitalizing, progressive, and invigorating, Pantone’s authoritative ‘greenery’ announcement swept in the tail end of 2016, symbolizing the ever-growing cannabis industry – especially after 2016’s recent election – and rejoicing in its success. Celebrate this vibrant shade and everything it represents with glints of subtle accessories that connect the future’s abundance in greenery to your own love of cannabis.

Molecule Necklace

A simple design sporting the molecule structure related to THC lauds your love of the green without being overbearing. Wear this cool yet nondescript trinket out and about to represent your dual passion for science and cannabis. If anyone asks questions on the structure of this necklace, take it as an opportunity to share why you support the rapidly growing cannabis movement.

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Wear your love on your sleeve with silver cufflinks by SwagUp. These handmade cufflinks are perfect for a swanky affair without the pomp and flash. Canna-connoisseurs will appreciate the small yet handsome details applied to these quality rhodium leaves.

$16.49 on Etsy

Cannabis/Rose Necklace


The placement of a pretty rose slightly covering a gold cannabis leaf combines the beauty of the outdoors with the cannabis flower. As the tips of the leaves peak out from beneath pink cabochon, your love for the wilderness and natural greenery will always be close to heart.

$28.00 on Etsy

Hair Pins


These sweet and simple hair pins will complement a variety of unique hairstyles. If green is always on your mind, you can use these vintage-style pins to pull your bangs into place or adorn a classy up-do. Cannabis hair pins can be a versatile addition to your most-used hair accessories (they also come in an assortment of colors if you aren’t too keen on bronze).

$26.00 on Etsy

Cannabis Earrings

Cannabis leaf earrings
If you’re not a fan of dangly or oversized earrings but still want to rep your favorite plant, take a peek at these golden studs. Just millimeters in length, they’re a cute and quiet statement for your positive stance on the surging cannabis industry.

$12.00 on Etsy

Cannabis Knuckle Rings

Knuckle rings add just enough spark to any cannabis-related fashion accessory line. Vida Kush’s Mary Jane knuckle rings come in a variety of colors to pair with multiple styles. The understated gleam of these rings will be a clear yet subtle extension of your own thoughts regarding cannabis and its exciting year ahead.

$15.00 on Vida Kush



Since the color of the year is greenery, we can’t let this list of accessories exclude the guest of honor. Check out these sunglasses from BudzOn featuring a TR90 frame and PC polarized lenses. The design is just obscure enough to fool both non-cannabis and cannabis consumers.

$39.97 on BudzOn