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Colonie, N.Y. – This weekend, the third, and final, medical marijuana dispensary in Albany County opens its doors.

The facility, which opens on Sunday, is not like those you might find in California or Colorado, with their shelves stocked with cookies, and brownies and other edibles for sale. It actually looks very much like an average doctor’s office.

Once you get through a secured door, you’ll see a pharmacist counter and a few exam rooms.

However, before you can even step foot inside, you’ll need certification from your doctor and a medical marijuana card from the state.

You can then choose which products you want to start from. You’ll have the option to choose from oils, vaporizers, or pill capsules.

Currently, medical marijuana products can only be purchased with cash, and the cost is not covered under health insurance.

The dispensary opening on November 6 is the third of its kind in Albany County. Currently, there is a dispensary on North Pearl Street run by E-Tain, and another on Executive Drive, run by Pharmacann.

The new dispensary, run by Vireo Health, is located in a small shopping plaza off Fuller Road in Colonie.

As of two weeks ago, more than 9,000 New Yorkers have been certified by their doctors to purchase medical marijuana.

The product is not limited to adults only. Nine-year-old Haley Hilt became the first child to be certified for medical marijuana in New York State. She plans on being at Sunday’s grand opening for the new dispensary.

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