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If there’s one thing most cannabis enthusiasts love, it’s music. And what better way to enjoy a funky, trippy, surreal song (and its accompanying music video) than when paired with a strain that augments the experience?

I asked my musically-inclined coworkers to share their favorite visually appealing music videos and explain why they love pairing them with some good bud. This week’s suggestion comes from our associate editor Lisa Rough. Her fitting kickoff for this series is “Marijuana” by Chrome Sparks, because “Chrome Sparks is super dope to listen to while high, and this song in particular is inspired by our favorite plant. The video is as trippy as the music and the whole thing is soothing to watch and listen to.”

For a strain pairing, our editor and resident strain expert Bailey Rahn recommends the potent hybrid Gorilla Glue #4:

“The silky goodness of Chrome Sparks deserves a strain that will melt your body into a jello-y mess while letting your mind float away. Gorilla Glue #4 will give you ‘octopus arms,’ that flowing feeling of your body dissolving into the sound waves. This strain turns all the senses up to 11, letting you feel every dimension of this song as it was intended.”

Stay tuned next week for another trippy music video and strain pairing from the Leafly staff!