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UT: Weinholtz Outlines Policy Proposal For Extending Legalization Of Medical Cannabis

Salt Lake City – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mike Weinholtz outlined policy proposal details Thursday that favor more extensive legalization of cannabis for medical use in Utah. Weinholtz alludes to state Sen. Mark Madsen’s bill from earlier this year that proposed legalized access to the entirety of the marijuana plant for qualifying patients. The bill was […]

UT: New Medical Marijuana Measures Presented To Committee

Salt Lake City – Utah state legislators began laying the groundwork Wednesday to make another run at legalizing medical marijuana for people with certain conditions. During a committee hearing, four Republican lawmakers presented outlines of measures they’re planning to introduce at the next legislation session that they hope can work in concert. The measures would […]

UT: Why Medical Marijuana? Because It May Be The Answer

As a physician, I want to help people. I see patients every day and night in the ER with pain, nausea, seizures, muscle spasticity and many other devastating conditions like cancer, paralysis and chronic pain. I am frustrated that we do not have better choices to treat them. • I want better medicines than what […]