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OK: Enough Signatures For Ballot Status Ratified

Oklahoma City – Supporters of a proposal to legalize use of marijuana for medical purposes got some good news this week, clearing the way for an eventual vote on the statutory ballot initiative. As a ten-day period for challenges to petition signatures ended, no hurdles remained to clear the measure for a future statewide ballot. […]

OK: Medical Marijuana Proponents Hold Hope For Future Ballot Measure

Oklahoma City – For the third straight year, Oklahoma medical marijuana advocates have come up short in their effort to get the issue on the state ballot, but this time it wasn’t signatures they were lacking. It was time. Oklahomans for Health volunteers met the required 65,987-signature threshold with 67,761 signatures within the legally mandated […]

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Petition Growing

Duncan, OK – The push to legalize medical marijuana in Oklahoma is growing as Thursday’s petition deadline nears. Meanwhile, law enforcement and supporters of the plan are debating whether the pros outweigh the cons. Studies show, marijuana could help cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy, epilepsy, Alzheimers, and PTSD. A state wide organization,’Oklahomans for […]