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ME: Pot Ballot Drives Put Medical, Recreational Users At Odds

Portland, Maine – A handful of recreational marijuana legalization drives has the medical pot industry bracing for something it never expected to deal with: competition. Legalization is on the ballot in five states this November, and all five currently allow some form of medical marijuana already. Growers, medical professionals and users of medical marijuana say […]

ME: Freeport’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Could Displace Dance Studio

Freeport – The town’s first medical marijuana dispensary is planned for the north end of Route 1, where it could displace a dance studio. Brody Pagel of Portland, who owns HMP Properties and is a teacher in Falmouth, has applied for a change of use at 1456 U.S. Route 1, where Fusion Dance is leasing […]

ME: Moms Talk About Treating Their Children With Medical Marijuana

I admire Susan Meehan. She’s a mom of four, formerly of Connecticut, now of Maine since 2013. Meehan moved to Maine to have access to cannabis oil used to treat her daughter, Cyndimae’s, Dravet Syndrome, a condition that caused severe daily seizures. Treated with cannabis oil, Cyndimae’s seizures slowed to one or two a week, […]

ME: High Stakes – Why Some Pot Advocates Oppose Question 1

One of the big questions raised by the ballot initiative to legalize, tax and regulate marijuana in Maine is what effect it will have on the state’s medical marijuana program and the mom-and-pop economy it has created. Currently, there are nearly 3,000 registered caregivers operating as small businesses and eight dispensaries growing and selling marijuana […]