Medical Cannabis Day 2021

Celebrating 21 Years of State Authorized Use

LIVE June 14th 2021 - 10am - 3pm HST

Event Schedule

10:00:00 AMBrent Norris, Hawaii Patients Union – Welcome Greeting
10:05:00 AMTheo Alexander – Complimentary and Alternative Medicine of Oahu – Event Dedication to Marsha Joyner
10:15:00 AM
Clifton Otto, MD – Akamai Cannabis Clinic – Introduction of Medical Cannabis Day, Presentation of the Proclamations, Event Objectives
10:30:00 AMKeynote Speaker – Bonni Goldstein, MD – Cannabis is Medicine
11:00:00 AMA Special Video Message from the Honorable Mayor of Kauai Derek Kawakami
11:02:00 AMShana Metsch – A Mother’s Tiger Tale
11:12:00 AMJari Sugano – Patient Story
11:20:00 AMA Special Video Message from Doug Fine, Author, Hemp Farmer and Advocate
11:22:00 AMA Special Video Message from Mike Ruggles – Alternative Pain Management Clinic
11:24:00 AMKevin Pang – Patient Story, “When All Else Fails”
11:34:00 AMNautec and Jesse presenting “Pariah to Profit” Movie Trailer
11:40:00 AMA Special Video Message from Brian Applegarth, Cannabis Travel Association
11:42:00 AMDale Rosenfeld from Joyful Kauai Presents Her Patient Story
11:45:00 AMRussell Ruderman, Former State Senator and CEO Island Naturals Presents a Patient Story
11:52:00 PMCarl Olsen, Founder Iowans for Medical Marijuana Presents a Message for Hawaii About Federal Exemption
12:00:00 PM
Legislative Discussion Forum With Very Special Guests Senator Joy SanBuenaventura, Senator Laura Acasio, Representative Jeanne Kapela and Representative Greggor Ilagan
1:15:00 PMJustin Kollar, Kauai County Prosecutor Presents a View from the Kauai County Prosecutor’s Office
1:30:00 PMGary Hooser, Former State Senator, President HAPA and E.D. PHO Presents Adovocating 101
1:40:00 PMClifton Otto, MD Presents Patient Priorities
1:50:00 AMMary Bailey, Managing Director, Last Prisoner Project
2:00:00 PMMe Fuimaono-Poe FNP- BC – Cannabis Herstory The Divine Feminine History of Cannabis
2:10:00 PMJames Trice – EMT, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine of Oahu Presents Serving Veterans
2:20:00 PMWendy Gibson-Viviani – Patient Resiliency
2:30:00 PMTara and Beth Maui Cannabis Guild – A Message to Patients on Maui
2:33:00 PMBrent Norris, Hawaii Patients Union – A Message to Patients
2:35:00 PMJason Hanley Presents a Collective Model for Education and Growth
2:45:00 PMOpen discussion
2:58:00 PMClosing – Gratitude
3:00:00 PMPau

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Event Contact: Brent Norris | | (808) 896-7656

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Event Contact: Brent Norris | | (808) 896-7656

June 14th, 2021 – 10am-3pm
A Day To Honor Patients

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