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Liquor and Cannabis Enforcement Officers shut down illegal marijuana grow

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), working with Tacoma Police Department officers (TPD) served a search warrant February 23, 2017 on a residence that was growing marijuana without a license.

“While adult-use of marijuana is legal in Washington, growing it outside of the regulated system is still a crime,” said LCB Chief of Enforcement Justin Nordhorn. “Our officers are committed to upholding the laws of Washington State as enacted by the voters in 2012, and those laws require marijuana production to be tightly regulated.” 

Located at 9402 South Park Avenue, Tacoma, the two story home had been converted to an illicit marijuana grow which spanned the entire first floor and garage. Officers identified and seized approximately 520 plants, clones, grow lights, surveillance cameras and associated equipment necessary to grow marijuana indoors. The location was not licensed by the LCB as a marijuana producer or registered as a medical cooperative. LCB officers arrested the resident who was booked into Pierce County Jail for illegal production of a controlled substance, pending charges from the Pierce County prosecutor’s office. The illegal production of a controlled substance is a felony. 

The LCB’s Tacoma Enforcement field office received a request for assistance from the TPD regarding a community complaint generated by the odor of marijuana emanating from a nearby home. LCB enforcement officers obtained a search warrant for the home which was served in conjunction with TPD. Officers seized the marijuana and growing equipment and entered into evidence. 


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