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Welcome to Leafly’s Product Reviews, where we take a closer look at a cannabis gadget, accessory, or consumable, and give it a test spin. Today we’re trying out the FEZ dry leaf portable vaporizer.

The FEZ at a Glance

The FEZ dry leaf portable vaporizer box contents

Product: Portable dry leaf vaporizer

Manufacturer: FEZ

Price: $129.00

Features: Ready to use in under 60 seconds, three adjustable temperature settings ranging from 200-240 degrees Celsius, powerful 4,000 mVa lithium ion battery gives a full charge in less than an hour with over 2,000 puffs per charge, ceramic chamber with anodized aluminum shell

Includes: Silicon mouthpiece, micro USB charger, charging adapter, chamber sleeve, leaf storage jar, cleaning kit, user manual

Initial Impressions

The FEZ dry leaf portable vaporizer unit

The FEZ dry leaf vaporizer combines effortless functionality with a solid vaping experience into a device that is stylish yet very discreet for vaping anywhere.

Standing at around six inches tall and about an inch in diameter, the FEZ Noir model I had projected a very sleek look with its minimal logo graphic and just one button at the center. The slightly rubberized feel of the plastic body felt nice to the touch and also prevented a “cheap” construction feeling. Additionally, the FEZ’s light weight made it perfect for carrying around in my pocket or backpack without any discomfort or bulging. The true portability of handheld vaporizers is a quality that I value highly, and the FEZ definitely delivers on that end.

Operating the FEZ

Turning on the FEZ dry leaf portable vaporizer

I’ve used quite a few portable vaporizers, but I have to say that the FEZ may be the easiest to use in terms of operating the device. A simple twist of the mouthpiece removes it in order to load the chamber up with some nice ground herb. The center (and only) button does everything: holding it for a few seconds turns it on, and pressing the button twice allows you to switch between the three heat settings that are represented with yellow (low), orange (medium), and red (high) lights. I personally kept my temperature on medium, as the high setting is around 240°C, which gets a bit too close to combustion temperatures for my comfort.

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The FEZ also claims to reach your set temperature in 60 seconds, although it was closer to 90 seconds when I was using it. Either way, waiting for the pulsing green ring to turn to its “ready to vape” orange color took very little time thanks the FEZ’s very powerful and long-lasting battery. After testing it out for a little over a week I only had to recharge the FEZ once, which was awesome.

Another really cool feature is that you can check the battery level for the FEZ by giving it a gentle shake, with three green pulses indicating a full battery, two orange pulses indicating a partially charged battery, and one red pulse indicating a low battery. I thought that was a nifty way to show the battery level without implementing some sort of LED screen or something similar on the vape.

Vaping with the FEZ

The FEZ portable vaporizer with dried cannabis flower

After getting the “ready to vape” signal on the FEZ, I started inhaling from the mouthpiece. One thing I noticed throughout my vape sessions was that I kept getting a slight plastic aftertaste with most of my pulls, although the flavor of my Plushberry bud covered most of it up. While it’s barely noticeable, it is something I picked up on and is worth mentioning.

Minor aftertaste aside, I really enjoyed vaping with the FEZ. I was able to consistently get a good amount of flavor and vapor from each of my pulls, and the elongated mouthpiece prevented me from inhaling a lot of hot air despite how hot it felt at the very base of the mouthpiece. I even occasionally cranked the heat setting down to the lowest, as I felt that even the medium setting was vaping my nug a bit too fast.

I was concerned at first that vapor would continuously seep out since you just inhale once it’s ready, but I was very pleased to discover that the FEZ will put itself into a sleep mode indicated by a flashing blue light if you like to take your time in between pulls. Overall, vaping with the FEZ always left me very stoned and satisfied with each use.

Our Verdict

White version of the FEZ portable vaporizer unit

In conclusion, the FEZ dry leaf vaporizer is a great option for anybody that is looking for a solid and easy-to-use portable vape. There are other ones on the market that come with a few more bells and whistles, but at only $129 the FEZ provides a very good quality vaping experience at a reasonable price. The metal thimble cup that is included with the FEZ also allows you to mix in some wax or oil with your flower for vaping as well, so that feature combined with the incredibly easy functionality and portability makes the FEZ a great choice without breaking the bank.

However, one downside to the FEZ has more to do with its marketing than the functionality of its vape product. I was frustrated by the website’s use of sexually-suggestive images featuring seductive and scantily-clad women because I actually really liked using the vape, and I felt a bit insulted that a solid product would resort to using a tired and stereotypical approach. To me, the lowest common denominator approach of “sex sells” doesn’t help towards normalizing cannabis use and killing the stigma that a lot of people still have towards cannabis and cannabis users. FEZ, your product is good enough on its own — don’t risk alienating the growing number of female cannabis consumers and others who find your marketing tactics off-putting.

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