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December 2016

The Leafly List ranks the top dispensaries and retail stores in each of the major North American cannabis markets every month. This region-specific version is designed to provide helpful, community-based information for cannabis consumers looking for the most relevant dispensaries in Ontario, Canada. It highlights the most talked-about locations in the territory based on customer feedback metrics* and reviews of each location’s quality, service, and atmosphere. Check out the Leafly List FAQ for more information on how dispensaries are ranked.

The Leafly List is based on 100% objective customer feedback and data collected by Leafly. Businesses CANNOT pay for a spot on the list.

Toronto, ON CA

Pure Releaf – Pape Toronto Ontario Canada Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Leafly List

Pure Releaf is a sister brand of Natural Releaf, focusing on keeping high-quality cannabis affordable for patients. The team decided to open the store after witnessing firsthand the effects of prescription medications on so many individuals. At the Pape location, customers love the strain selection, personable budtenders, and comfortable atmosphere.

Index: 97.19

Last Month: #1

What People are Saying:

“Friendly staff that know their cannabis and give awesome recommendations! They also carry a wide variety of strains, so you’ve got a lot to choose from :)” —chibiusa

897 Dundas St W Toronto, Ontario

Pure Releaf is a sister brand of Natural Releaf, focusing on keeping high-quality cannabis affordable for patients. The team decided to open the store after witnessing firsthand the effects of prescription medications on so many individuals. At the Dundas store, customers love the central location, efficient service, and products tested for quality and contaminants.

Index: 96.57

Last Month: #2

What People are Saying:

“Amazing variety of strains, friendly staff, and convenient location. 10/10” —Peskiiii173

Toronto, ON CA

Just Compassion Toronto Ontario Canada Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Leafly List

Just Compassion offers a strain or concentrate for every medical need, and budtenders are eager to steer patients in the right direction. Pricing is more than fair and visitors to the store love the on-site vape lounge, designed to double as a cannabis resource center.

Index: 95.87

Last Month: #5

What People are Saying:

“Great place with even greater people, such compassionate prices you can’t go wrong. I recommend this to any one looking for compassion.” —spacey19

118 George St Hamilton, Ontario

MMJ Canada leverages a sincere belief in cannabis’s potential to help patients of all kinds as the location educates members and potential members on the benefits of medical marijuana for different conditions. Friendly service and a wide selection of flower, concentrates, and edibles are available to patients at the Hamilton location.

Index: 95.81

Last Month: #3

What People are Saying:

“Staff is very welcoming. Even the other customers are welcoming, that’s how good the atmosphere is. Budtenders know their stuff and they are not scared to tell their personal opinion on things.” —Jammasterdab

Toronto, Ontario

MariCare prides itself on the quality of products and service it offers. Mail orders made by 12:30 p.m. are guaranteed to go out that day via expedited delivery. Orders for in-person delivery must be made by 12:00 p.m. (you can order days in advance, and orders are never delivered before 12:30 p.m.).

Index: 94.96

Last Month: #9

What People are Saying:

“these guys have an excellent selection of cannabis. awesome customer service, always a pleasure dealing with them. i highly recommended giving them a try.” —vato0420

17 Church Street Toronto, Ontario

Canna-Connoisseurs is a premium cannabis dispensary in Toronto. Its menu features a high standard for flowers, tinctures, and concentrates. The staff is knowledgeable and works tirelessly to provide a luxury experience.

Index: 94.7

Last Month: #7

What People are Saying:

“great dispensary, was just there for the first time. super friendly helpful staff, amazing selection, and the only place in Toronto with the strain girl scout cookies!!” —ubergeek

66 Nassau St.Kensington Market Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Cannabis Dispensary is known for providing members with safe and friendly access to high-quality cannabis. Its extensive menu caters to all patient needs, and the quality and customer service are something the location takes great pride in. Come in, look, smell, and inspect the flowers you want before making a purchase.

Index: 94.59

Last Month: #7

What People are Saying:

“Dopest dope around!! Awesome place!! 5 Stars! Great bud quality and it’s in a good location!!” —STANKY-DANKY

Newmarket, ON CA

Health Cannabis Dispensary Ontario Leafly List

Yes, Health Cannabis’ Newmarket location is convenient, but that’s not the only reason it made this month’s Leafly List. Patients love the staff at Health Cannabis, who take the time to truly listen so they can recommend the perfect products to their customers. Plus, Health Cannabis is committed to cycling in new strains and products weekly, which is great news for those who love to try new things.

Index: 94.22

Last Month: #13

What People are Saying:

“This was the best shop I have been in. They were extremely friendly and helpful. They knew everything about their products and what would work the best for my needs. I honestly could have been there all day, talking and learning from them.” —deadlyaddicted

Toronto, ON

True Compassion Dispensary Toronto Leafly List

True Compassion is a dispensary that lives up to its name. Patients love the quality, selection, and fair prices, but are perhaps most blown away by True Compassion’s team of genuine, caring staff who are willing to take the time to make every customer feel empowered, comfortable, and taken care of.

Index: 93.97

Last Month: #16

What People are Saying:

“What can I say about True Compassion Toronto. Wow, one of the nicest dispensaries out there. [Good] selection of medicine, you know you can always trust the quality, you have  lot of choices and the people there are always willing to help you.” —Jubbes

Toronto, ON CA

Toronto Leaf Dispensary Toronto Leafly List

Pleasant and knowledgeable staff, a bountiful selection of cannabis products, and a cozy, ambient atmosphere are just a few of the things that put this dispensary on the map, and reviewers are nearly unanimous in stating that Toronto Leaf has some of the best, highest quality cannabis around.

Index: 93.6

Last Month: N/A

What People are Saying:

“Great location near Dundas square. Was greeted by friendly staff. Small selection at the moment as they have just opened, but the quality is really great. All strains look great, the Hindu Kush I grabbed is a fantastic indica. Will be visiting again soon!” —piotrfromtdot

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*The December 2016 Leafly List uses customer feedback metrics from November 2016

**Pure Releaf – Queen (95.61) withheld due to franchise limitations