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State Sen. J. Kalani English’s guilty plea to a felony cocaine possession charge in 1988 is raising questions about his participation in a company that has applied for a state license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.

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Souki, (D, Waihee-Waiehu-Wailuku) said he does not like to excuse members from voting because he believes every House member has a constitutional responsibility to vote on each issue regardless of any conflict of interest.
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P*ss-poor journalism. It’s incredibly misleading (no pun intended) when the lead infers he was breaking the rules and presumably was convicted of a drug felony. Only 10 paragraphs in do you find out he got a DAG which dismissed the charges. And not until paragraph 16 do we get to the conflict-of-interest issue. Not just sloppy but intentionally sensationalizing the story is journalistic malpractice by Kevin Dayton.