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A recent report in West Hawaii Today newspaper states, “Representative San Buenaventura, an attorney and vice chairwoman of the House Judiciary Committee, is also turning her sights on the state’s new medical marijuana dispensary law in order to smooth out the obstacles slowing down the construction and startups of the dispensaries.

She wants to push for marijuana legalization, too.

And, she wants to create legislation for an alternative way to resolve homeowner association disputes without having to take them through the court system.”

Representative Joy San Buenaventura and Senator Russell Ruderman have both been allies to medical Cannabis patients. They have attended local Hawaii Cannabis meetings with Doctors, Nurses and patients and have each expressed concern over the ability of patients to legally obtain medicine.

With Cannabis prices falling nationally one must consider whether the 8 investor model chosen by legislators last year will prove viable. Lawsuits have been filed claiming infringement on rights by the state and the 8 out of more than 50 investors available to build dispensaries in Hawaii. Investors were given a given handout last session when legislators agreed to allow 8 dispensaries to sell to out of state patients visiting the state. Hawaii is expected to have more out of state patients visiting on any given day than local patients. This amounts to a potential 100% increase in sales in 2018. Many doubt 8 dispensaries can grow enough Cannabis to meet local patient needs.

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