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By Lisa Rough

A new skit from Jimmy Kimmel Live has 420-friendly consumers rolling on the floor with a new “rebranding” of cannabis – this time for moms everywhere.

We open in a laundry room, where the average, everyday suburban mom informs the camera about her “special something” to get her through the day. Is it wine?

Nope, it’s “Mom Weed,” our narrator tells us, holding up a glass water pipe with smoke drifting from the neck. “For moms who toke up on the go,” she smiles cheerfully.

“Let’s face it – taking a fat rip off some dank-ass ganj makes doing laundry, changing diapers, cooking, doing MORE laundry, changing MORE diapers, cooking AGAIN” — she slams the dryer door before manically smiling at the camera — “…almost bearable.”

The video gets darker and darker as this average mom reflects on her life, hiding in the laundry room with her water pipe. It’s a hilarious look at suburban ennui and how cannabis improves everyday lives. Check it out for the lulz:

Image Source: YouTube via Jimmy Kimmel Live

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